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The Rave App V2.0 Flutter Development

Executive Summary

The Rave app is a Tour Discovery Platform (TDP) which enables users to find tour dates and tickets for music, comedy, concerts, gigs, festivals and sports events around the world. It provides a slick interface that enables users to easily flick between artist, venue and category while browsing events through a sticky interface, deeply engaging the user.

Home Page Rave V2.0

Our development methodology is based on release early, release often which requires a super efficient development cycle so that we can introduce new features regularly based on user feedback. To achieve this we chose the cross-platform development capability of Flutter.


Development of Rave 1.0 was slow and expensive in terms of both time and money, and was inconsistent across platforms. We wanted a more dynamic solution so that we can release upgrades and new features to Rave on a regular basis.

With 3 different development streams for web, and native android and iOS we were wasting time communicating the same fixes to three development teams which created inconsistencies across platforms due differences in comprehension and implementation.

While looking to make improvements to our development processes, we also had the opportunity to provide features which an app developed for the billions should contain such as accessibility, internationalisation, localisation and language. Ultimately we wanted the app to be multilingual. These are features that we would have retro-fitted previously.

Retrofitting is never a good thing, so any platform that enabled us to integrate these capabilities from the get go would offer us distinct advantages.


We chose to focus on Billie Eilish as the information we gained from using Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest keyword tool We chose Flutter which is Google’s UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single code base.

Flutter provides the solution we require and then some. It provides infinite scaleability and a set of beautiful Material Design and Cupertino widgets to build on.

Developing applications with Flutter overcame the inconsistencies we experienced with native iOS and Android development as the codebase is single source.

Flutter has enabled us to design, develop and deliver applications much quicker due to the fact that Flutter applications are constructed using a set of pre-built, robust components that have been beautifully designed and tested that we customise. Customising these components speeds up the design and development process and helps us to conform with human interface guidelines. showed how phenomenally successful Billie Eilish is and how much influence she has. Therefore creating a Billie Eilish app should give us a strong chance of building a decent sized audience of fans who can give input to direct the features that we can add in future.

Making More With Material Design

With an expressive and flexible UI we have the capability to quickly update Rave with new features through a process of continual refinement which fits in with the Scrum Philosophy: Release early, release often which gives us a tight feedback loop and enables us to direct development effort based on information gained by studying analytics.


We were very keen to release the MVP within a couple of weeks or around 10 days of development which we achieved. The app has been submitted to a variety of stores. At this stage it’s been accepted into Google Play.

We have to wait now to see how we get on with other submissions. It’s a waiting game at this stage. We’ll update this article on a regular basis with the progress that we make good or bad.

This is a living article that will show you the effort that we put in to achieve our goals and the thinking that we apply to interpreting results, drawing conclusions and driving actions.

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